Thread Connection Hydraulic Bladder Accumulator Type A National Standard

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: NXQ
Minimum Order Quantity: 20
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Plastic Bags , Boxes , Carton , Pallet Or As Customer Advice
Delivery Time: Negotiation
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: Negotiation
Structre Type: Type A Nominal Pressure: 10 , 20 , 31.5 MPa
Medium Temperature: -20 ~ 93 Degree Centigrade Type: Accumulator
Product Name: National Standard Accumulator Nominal Volme: 1.6 , 2.5 , 4 L
Connection Type: L - Thread Connection
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hydraulic bladder accumulator


hydraulic piston accumulator

NXQ 1.6 ~ 4L National Standard Accumulator Bladder Accumulator Thread Connection Hydraulic Accumulator




Hydraulic item pressure range is 0-300bar(30Mpa)

Please don't work more than indicated pressure range.

The accumulator or air compressor can't be shipped by air recently, here are two methods to ship

1)Shipped by sea,buy accumulators or air Compressor mixed with other products at least 0.5cbm

delivery time is around 30- 35 days

sea freight is 50-100$ per cbm

2)Through your country's agents in China,can pay RMB or USD(paypal)

Any confuse,please contact us on line


only nitrogen is permitted for the accumulator . Oxygen , compressed air ,
combustibe/exposive gas and other unknow gas shall be strictly prohibited for the explosion risk.



Principle of Accumulator
Accumulator is a hydraulic accessory designed to accumulate the pressured liquid . Fluids are practically incompressible and cannot therefore store pressure energy . In hydraulic accumulators the compressibility of gas is utilized for storing fluids . The accumulator draws in fluid when the pressure increases and the gas are compressed . When the pressure drops , the compressed gas expands and forces the stored fluids into the circuit
Use of Accumulator
1.Energy Storage
Accumulator is widely used in the auxiliary energy . It accumulates the oil intermittently outputted by pump while releases fluid more than the pump flux . Therefore , The accumulator helps the pump to be size – miniaturization and energy – saving .
2.Pulsation Absorption
Accumulator absorbs pulsation created by pressure fluid that is released by various pump to protect the pipe from the infection of pressure , noise and vibration .
3.Impact Absorption ( Decrease )
In hydraulic circuit , impact in the pipe caused by rapid switching or sudden changing of load bring noise and pipe damage . Accumulator is set to absorb ( Decrease ) The impact
4.Leakage Compensation
In pressure control circuit and condition of pressure maintaining , accumulator is set to maintain the pressure by compensating the pressure reduction caused by internal and external leakage .
5.Volume Compensation
In closed circuit , internal pressure changes because variety in temperature results in variety of liquid volume . The accumulator reduces the change of pressure to protect valves . gaskets and pressure gauge from failure
6.Vibration Absorption
The accumulator absorbs the mechanical vibration for the gas in the accumulator works as spring to reduce the impact and vibration of vehicle .
The accumulator can be used as balance for the gas pressure in accumulator stably balances the weight of product and machine and impact .
8.Fluid separation
The accumulator generally separated the two medium ( Hydraulic purpose : nitrogen and oil ). However , the accumulator canbe also used to transmit pressure between two liquid which can be mixed
Mounting Position
Accumulators can be installed vertically,horizontally and obliquely. When vertically or obliquely installed,the oil valve must be at the bottom. In case of
the application listed below,particular positions are recommended.
Thread Connection Hydraulic Bladder Accumulator Type A National Standard 0
1. Type of Mounting
Accumulators which volume is less than 1L,can be installed directly in the pipeline. For Strong Vibration
and volumes above 1L,fixed with bracket or accumulator mounting sets are recommended
2. Charging Nitrogen
Nitrogen must be charged into the bladder before the accumulator starts to work. Charging nitrogen must use
charging tools-CQJ type charging tool. If nitrogen pressure does not meet the requirement of accumulator.
Please use chaori CDZ type nitrogen filling vehicle.
3. Caution
Do not have welding or mechanical processing work on the accumulator shell:Only nitrogen are allowed. Use
of Oxygen ,combustibie or corrosive gases is strictly prohibited. Accumulators should be mounted in the hydraulic
Systems which have overflow valves or safety valves.

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Thread Connection Hydraulic Bladder Accumulator Type A National Standard 4

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