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Pneumatic Double Disc Valve

Pneumatic Double Disc Valve

    • Pneumatic Double Disc Valve
    • Pneumatic Double Disc Valve
  • Pneumatic Double Disc Valve

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: NBSANMINSE
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: SMWZ644 ( 1 ) -10 ( 2 ) -DNB -JH

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PC
    Price: Negotiation
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    Detailed Product Description
    Nominal Pressure: 1.0 ( MPa ) Leakage Test Pressure: 1.1 ( MPa )
    Temperature: <450℃ Maximum Test Pressure: 1.5 ( MPa )
    DN1 X DN2: 250X300 , 300X350 Valve Body: Cast Iron

    SMWZ644 ( 1 ) -10 ( 2 ) -DNB -JH Pneumatic Wear - proof Double Discs Valve ( Pebble coal )





    Main Perfomance


    Model WZ644-10Q double-disc valve uses a double -disc sealing and sealing surfaces are made from wear-resistant alloy or ceramic. The seal is 100% airtight and the valve achieves a long service life , particularly in applications . Consequently , overall system reliability is increased dramatically .


    Operating Performance


    When air is introduced into the upper cylinder port , the piston rod pushes the double-disc down and the valve is closed . When air is introduced into the lower cylinder port , the piston rod pushes the double-disc up and the valve is opened . Compression spring being placed between the discs and seal ring , forces the discs the discs against the seal ring , and also allow for discs vertical movement , which helps to compensate the thermal expansion and contraction of the parts and ensure an airtight seal under all conditions . When actuating the valve , the double-disc rotates to lap and polish the sealing surfaces . When product flows through the valve , any material entering the inner chamber is removed by vortex flow action . Hence , the valve is self-cleaning . Additional air purging can be provided to ensure clean-in-place performance . All these characteristics guarantee a long service lofe for the valve and increase the reliability of your system .




    Any dust , powder , and granular products in coal-fired power plants , smelters , iron and steel plants , pharmaceutical and chemical industries .


    Technical Parameters


    Maximum-Operating Pressure : 1.0MPa


    Maximum Test Pressure : 1.5MPa


    Operating Temperature : <200℃


    Leakage Test Pressure : 1.1MPa



    Installation and Application


    1. Prior to installation , make sure the pneumatic actuator is free of any defects like breakage and concave .


    2. Make sure the joint flange , structural length , maximum operating pressure and nominal diameter are accorded with requirements .


    3. During installation , not allowed to readjust studs and nuts that have been fastened originally . Align the center of two pipelines and valve diameter to be coaxial . Keep the flange surface flat . Uniformly apply force to tighten the bolt .


    4. After installation , introduce air from the upper and lower cylinder ports to see whether the valve can be normally opened or closed .


    5. Cheek the control switch ( if existing ) to see whether it is reliably fastened , whether its parameter is accorded with access power source , and whether it can correctly work under full opening and full closing conditions .




    Troubleshooting Method


    Troubles Cause Troubleshooting Method
    Leakage in sealing surface Dirt between disc and sealing surface Remove the dirt
    Damage to seal ring pairs Repair or replace
    Leakage in flange joint The bolt is unevenly screwed Evenly screw the bolt
    Damage to the flange surface Repair the flange surface
    Damage to the spacer Replace the spacer
    Valve fails to be correctly opened or closed Dust deposit Remove dust regularly
    Insufficient air pressure , severe leakage Repair air supply pipeline
    Pneumatic components have been aged and lost efficlency Replace the damaged components
    Leakage of stuffing box The stuffing has been aged and severely worn Replace the stuffing



    Installation dimension , outline drawing



    Model (A series) DN L d K D H n-M 2-A
    WZ644-10Q-40 40 120 84 110 150 443 4-M16 2-G1/4
    WZ644-10Q-50 50 120 99 125 165 463 4-M16 2-G1/4
    WZ644-10Q-65 65 120 118 145 180 528 4-M16 2-G1/4
    WZ644-10Q-80 80 120 132 160 195 558 8-M16 2-G1/4
    WZ644-10Q-100 100 120 156 180 215 601 8-M16 2-G1/4
    WZ644-10Q-125 125 160 184 210 250 730 8-M16 2-G3/8
    WZ644-10Q-150 150 160 211 240 285 798 8-M16 2-G3/8
    WZ644-10Q-175 175 160 241 270 315 894 8-M16 2-G3/8
    WZ644-10Q-200 200 160 266 295 340 958 8-M16 2-G1/2
    WZ644-10Q-225 225 160 294 325 370 1028 12-M20 2-G1/2



    Main Parts and Materials


    Item Name Material Item Name Material
    1 Valve body Ductile iron 5 Connecting T-piece Cast steel
    2 Side valve body Ductile iron 6 End cap 45#Steel
    3 Sealing ring Carbon steel + special alloy 7 Linking neck Hodular cast iron
    4 Dise Carbon steel + special alloy 8 Pneumatic actuator aluminum Aluminum cylinder


    Pneumatic Double Disc Valve

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