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Professional Inlet / Balance SMDF Dome Valve Double Disc Check Valve

Minimum Order Quantity : 20 Price : Negotiation
Packaging Details : Plastic Bags , Boxes , Carton , Pallet or As Customer Advice Delivery Time : Negotiation
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union Supply Ability : Negotiation
Place of Origin: NINGBO Brand Name: NBSANMINSE
Certification: ISO9001 Model Number: SMDF

Detail Information

Nominal Pressure: 1.0 ( MPa ) Type: Inlet Valve/Balance Valve/Outlet Valve
Temperature: ≤200℃ Max Test Press: 1.5 ( MPa )
DN: 50 , 80 , 100 , 125 , 150 , 200 , 250 , 300 Valve Body: Cast Iron
High Light:

electromagnetic pulse valve


pulse jet solenoid valve

Product Description

Professional Inlet / Balance SMDF Dome Valve , Double Disc Check Valve



Production information                                                                                                                                  


. Dome valves are designed as an on-off device in pneumatic conveying systems for bulk materials by means of its performance of switching on and off in container or pipeline. It is applied in pneumatic conveying system for bulk materials that are loose , dry , non-sticky and fluid . In particular , it is well used in thermal power plants for ash disposal .


. Dome valves are switched on and off by using a hemispherical valve core and an aerated seal washer . There is no friction between the core and seal washer due to the course of on-off is processed under non-pressure environment .


. According to different operating environment , dome valve core employs different materials and surface hardenings . It can make sure that seal washer achieves steady and excellent seal. Rubber seal washer can stand high temperature , abrasion , ageing and other unfavorable impacts because the special components. Consequently , the rubber seal washer is durable .

Dome valve’s application : gas , fluid , semi-fluid and solid powder .


Operating Principle                                                                                                                                       


. Dome valve is a hemispherical dome . In the course of on-off operation, there is a distance of 0.2~0.4mm maintained between core and seal washer , which enables them to move without touching each other . This is designed to meet the objective of the least abrasion because there is no friction between the core and seal washer . Pneumatic actuator is a linear cylinder of double acting version . When dome valve closes , seal washer gets inflated and subsequently presses against hemispherical core , which form a very sound hermetical sealed ring . Materials flaw in pipeline is thus blocked .


. Valves works in cycles : Close(seal washer gets inflated) → close(seal washer vents off) → core turns running → fully open(seal washer in no action of inflation) → core turns running → close(seal washer in no action of inflation) → close(seal washer gets inflated)

Normal condition : Valve core is in close position , when adjustment bolt in rotary arm holds down air limit switch stem and compressed air is charging to seal washer . Pressure against seal washer is indicated in pressure gauge .


Open condition: Linear cylinder starts to move, when adjustment bolt in rotary arm breaks away from air limit through quick exhaust valve. Then valve core turns running along with it. During the period of core running, there is no touch of core and seal washer to each other.

Close condition: Upon turning off order, cylinder starts to turn back, when core runs in reverse way up to a full close position and adjustment bolt in rotary arm holds down air limit switch stem. Then air supply turns on to feed seal washer. (The time form total close to air recharge is controlled by adjustment bolt.)



Technical Parameters                                                                                                                                   


Maximum operating pressure: 1.0 MPA

Maximum test pressure: 1.5 MPA

Operating temperature: ≤ 250℃

Leakage test pressure: 1.1 MPA


The operating pressure of cylinder is 0.4 MPA~0.6 MPA. However, the inflation pressure of seal washer is 0.4 MPA~0.6 MPA, which is higher than feed pressure—0.15MPA. Please use clean, dry and oil-free compressed air.




1. Prior to installation, please read this manual carefully , and check valve model , DN and technical parameters .

2. Open dome valve after exhausting compressed air .

3. Dome valve should be kept away from water and wet materials .

4. Do not weld flange after completing installation , or the seal washer might be damaged .

5. The center of two pipeline and valve center should be coaxial . Flange surface should be smooth and keep horizontal without relatively large slope , for make sure the valve can fasten and work well . Besides, the bolts should be symmetrically fastened .

6. Check the operating condition of dome valve regularly . Solve abnormal conditions correctly and immediately .

7. Please comply the relative rules of safety operation when you are involved in the process of winching , installation , operation , debugging or repair .

8. Every dome valve has completed dynamic test and relative adjustments .



Troubleshooting Method                                                                                                                               


Troubles Cause Troubleshooting Method
Leakage Foreign body Remove foreign body
Seal washer is invalid Replace seal washer
Valve core abrasion Replace valve core
Valve cannot open or close Rotatable parts become flexible or invalid Adjust or replace the relative parts
Insufficient pressure or leakage Check and repair supply air line
Pneumatic components become ageing or invalid Replace the relative pneumatic components




Main Components and materials                                                                                                                   


NO. Item Material NO. Item Material
1 Valve body Cast iron 8 Combined seal ring Tetrafluoro + Rubber
2 Top plate Ductile cast iron 9 Hemisphere bracket Ductile cast iron
3 Spigot ring Ductile cast iron 10 Rotating shaft 45#
4 Inner ring Ductile cast iron 11 Rotary arm Ductile cast iron
5 Seal Washer Special rubber 12 Mechanical slide valve Aluminum
6 Hemisphere Ductile cast iron 13 Adjusting bolt Aluminum
7 Shaft housing Tin bronze + graphite 14 Pneumatic actuator Aluminum


Professional Inlet / Balance SMDF Dome Valve Double Disc Check Valve 0

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